It’s More than a Business, It’s Our Mission

With more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, Always Travel With Us solidified their integrity and service in the domain. We strive to protect our customers from unreliable and unauthorized travel agencies.

Concern: It is always hard to reach customer service in the travel industry.

Response: We have heard many horror stories of travel agencies that become difficult and/or impossible to reach when travelers need help. A professional member of our team is available to you, and in fact, we encourage you to contact us, whether you simply have travel questions, or need help confirming your arrangements. Our standard business hours are listed below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Concern: Is Always Travel With Us is a SCAM?

Response: No. Always Travel With Us backs all agreements legally. With more than 190, 000 likes on Facebook, we can safely say that our members are satisfied with their experience.

Concern: There are deals online all the time, why would we use an agency?

Response: If you ever worry about the legitimacy and potential SCAMS, the flash sales and deals of many businesses found on internet advertisements, fall into that category. Always Travel With Us does offer exclusive Facebook promotions that offer great deals on many of our vacation offers from time to time. The difference between searching for a random deal online, and going through our company, is found in our staff of experienced travel professionals, who are eager to help you.

Concern: Is Always Travel With Us a “pop-up” business, without any legitimate track-record?

Response: No. Always Travel With Us has proudly celebrated our 30th anniversary of business, since our start, in 1986. With such a long history of success, in helping clients, we have been able to meet the needs of travelers by the cumulation of our professional travel agents, and keeping up with the advancements of internet conveniences.

Customer Service Telephone: 1-888-974-9873
Monday-Thursday: 9 am- 10pm EST
Friday: 9 am- 3pm EST
Sunday: 5pm-10pm EST


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