Complaints are a part of the vacation planning industry. Always Travel With Us has a proactive approach to address concerns and resolve them in the most efficient way.

Below are some common concerns in the market and our responses.

Complaint: “We don’t want to go to a timeshare presentation, we might feel high-pressured.”

Response: Many travelers are offered the option to partake in a timeshare presentation and explore travel rentals or ownership. This offer is 100% optional and can easily be declined. Always Travel With Us cannot control sales tactics within other organizations, however we do ensure that it’s at your own discretion to decide whether to go or not.

Complaint: “I saw a great price package on, I am worried if I don’t book now I may miss out on the deal.”

Response: Providing our best deals often means they are time sensitive. We encourage anyone who finds a great promotion on their ideal trip, to consider booking as quickly as possible thus ensuring that vacation package and pricing are locked in.

Complaint: “What if my flight is delayed or canceled?”

Response: Always Travel With Us is more than a business name, it’s our mission. Unfortunately, airplanes and airlines have no guarantee lift off will happen according to plan. Our company is unable to have any control in those occasional instances.

Complaint: “What if a hotel isn’t what we expected?”

Response: With over 100,000 lodging and hotel options, we firmly believe there are ideal accommodations for every traveler. We encourage guests to visit the hotel page, look through our descriptions and reviews prior to booking. If you feel as though there were discrepancies, we ask that you contact us so we may address those.